Antithetical ideas, although separate and in tension, depend on each other, as do an object and its shadow. My art centers on something essential to human existence: the presence, indeed the human embodiment, of the antithetical but interrelated ideas of life and death. To explore this, I create both physical and metaphorical spaces ranging from large installations to small intimate books. These spaces reflect on the visible/invisible boundaries, both connecting and separating, involved in all human relationships, social creations, and human existence itself.

Visually, my work is minimal, delicate, and obsessively repetitive. I use mostly paper with its lightness and strength, thread, and light, and shadow as metaphors of duality and inseparability. Lights in my work unveil the untouchable and impermanent shadows, suggesting the opposite side of the physical world—unsubstantial, but conceptually and fundamentally real. I am drawn to using motion sensors for their ability to evoke in an audience a sense of being both actor and acted upon, encouraging them—in their creation of a space that envisions the boundary between the antithetical ideas of light and shadows— to dwell in uncertainty.